Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Political Poem

Hear I am at my grandmothers house, beautyful full figured frame
The air is sweet with the smell of herbs and spices used in her most famous dish
on the way to Larry's house by the streetscape
I drink some Merlot wine which is as dry as a hot summer without rain
and I have to say to my grandmother and to my grandfather that they do not have very goodtaste
In. The streets look for democrats, republicans, or me. They are interesting it's
True, however, the pressure is undeniably on me. I try to wiggle myself
through it, them as
they had sipped on whiskey at George's now
2 years almost ago. and the man had been
To drunk to know what the Vice president was doing & telling.
Who would have thought that I'd be here. nothing
not one election have I won did I do everything
Wrong, or is it that every other candidate up in the hill have better haircuts now
more than ever before?
Not that poilitics isn't fair, you put enough mulla in their coat
eyes penetrating on the pockets and what do u know, you can do everything wrong
& the American people will still cast a vote in y'all. Not that we as a nation behave like a bratty teen who was
going to have to go careening into other people's business so
To fight & to keep fighting for our freedom and the oil we imagine
so to go. Not that we the people who from the very first meeting
I would never & never dream of asking to question lil' Bush.for trying to cut taxes while we're
Into the beautiful and sunny Iraq & so demanded
To the people & who will never leave me not for bad policies nor bad manners
nor even for sinking and plunging the economy into the ground which is
Only our human lot & means nothing. No not even for that.
There's a song "I'm going down" but no I won't do that
I am everlasting when will I die? I will never die. I will live
To be as old as our wars & I will never go away & you will never escape from me
who am always & only a candidate never the president despite my nicer frame. Spirit
Who lives only to lose elections
I'm only honest & I am smart & I didn't realize that I needed
$600 haircuts and $4,000 suits to win.
I came into your life to make a difference but I guess
I just wasn't the sweet neighbor next door.
We & only we can understand what it means to have an American fate. Nevertheless
I have money for I am a politician and will leave for Switzerland while
The world's most powerful country shatters and falls.